Y our PAC doesn’t have to be an afterthought. It can even grow and raise more money than it ever has before. We have experience revitalizing PACs, and it all starts with a digital makeover and implementing fundraising best practices. Contact us today so we can help your PAC become a force at the state capitol.



The Problem

For years it failed to make a huge impact in the Arizona Political World
Things changed when Jon Amores took over government relations efforts. He understood that the PAC was a valuable resource if used properly. ArMPAC relied upon a loosely structured fundraising plan that revolved mostly around the PAC committee. With sporadic events here and there, and no real online fundraising program, the PAC was leaving lots of resources unutilized. With 2020 being such an important election year, Jon set out to remedy this by partnering with Connect Strategic.

The Solution

Connect Strategic partnered with ArMA to develop ArMPAC
It became a formidable organization that would be a model for other healthcare PACs to follow. We determined that there were a number of areas that ArMPAC desperately needed to demonstrate improvement in for them to reach their goals including a new web presence, an online fundraising program, a structured event campaign, and a direct mail strategy.

A New Look

Connect Strategic overhauled ArMPAC’s website to give them a new and independent one which outlined the role of ArMPAC, its operations and its importance to the medical community. Check it out at

Raising Money Online

ArMPAC had no email or online fundraising program in place from past cycles. Connect Strategic helped ArMPAC build an email list using their current resources as well as developing and executing the email fundraising plan.

Event Fundraising

Connect Strategic and ArMPAC set a goal of hosting a minimum of 6 events. Connect Strategic guided the PAC committee on selection of a Host Committee, developed the invitations and marketing materials, and guided the Host Committee. Also CS took the lead on pledge fulfillment and ensuring that attendees contributed to ArMPAC.


While working with Connect Strategic, ArMPAC has raised more money in 6 months than they raised in all of 2017-2018. ArMPAC raised $33,145 in 2019 alone compared to the $37,880 raised in all of the two-year 2018 election cycle. ArMPAC is projected to raise more than three times as much in the 2020 election cycle as they did in 2018: